Thursday, 20 March 2008

First she throws away her watch

First she throws away her watch. It’s left a red imprint around her wrist, even though her frame has become bony; she has steadily been removing the golden links each time it has loosened because then she knows it’s for real, that she’s not imagining it all. She really can’t believe her luck.

She removes her hairband and what’s left of her hair tumbles freely, so fragile that it blows across her face with the lightest breeze. The generous mane of shocking red has diminished over the last year and now her scalp resembles the most threadbare of carpets. It’s probably the drugs, they say. She needs them to calm her nerves. Who wouldn’t in her position?

She undoes her earrings; diamond studs bought for her by Steven and she tosses them into the water. Half a dozen or so ducks ski across the surface, wings flapping, mistaking the gems for bread and then they disperse disappointed with their catch.

She steps out of her sling-back stilettos and feels the cold concrete underneath the balls of her feet, probably ripping her tights but she doesn’t care. She’d bought them for her first date with Steven, a meal at an Italian restaurant. He isn’t Italian, of course, but he is strong, dark and handsome. She kicks the shoes over the edge and watches them sink as the air bubbles out of them and they fill with water.

Had she been wearing false teeth then naturally, she would remove these too. She is well aware of the procedure. In an emergency – and these are desperate measures - one should remove their shoes and anything loose or sharp. She has reached crunch point, the moment to put her theory to the test, to prove that she’s not going mad. His mysterious disappearances, the fact that he’s never introduced her to his family; it is obvious and now she will confront him in a way he’ll understand.

She climbs up onto the railing and teeters there briefly before launching herself off and down towards the water. It is a long four seconds but surely long enough for a superhero to put in an appearance. Needless to say, he doesn’t and she is left splashing around with half a dozen or so startled ducks and she is equally disappointed with her catch.


cheryl63 said...

0kay.....I am not with this story at all!
I liked it but I kept thinking I would know what was going on but then it would change my mind. Perhaps this was the idea?
First I thought cancer,then rescue, then old age then I was not sure what was going on!

Are there any clues?

Kathryn said...

She's a bit nutty and thinks her boyfriend is Superman. Sorry about the confusion!

cheryl63 said...

Yes! I have re read the story and see what you mean.I think most of us would have needed clues though...I did!

pierre l said...

The story is great and make much more sense with the clue.

Kathryn said...

Thanks Pierre!