Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A change of direction

I was going to write something about having all the time in the world because that was Sarah's prompt for today. However, as I went to my blog and saw that my last posting was entitled 'White Rabbits' I'm going to go off at a completely different tangent.

Today has been another fairly trying day for one reason and another with some fairly serious issues to address, the details of which I won't bore you now. Peversely, amongst all these domestic trials and tribulations, I took the rabbits to the vet to be castrated. It started badly when I went to grab the catch on the hutch door and instead felt my fingers sinking into a fat slug. And that was only the beginning. Bramble is a slippery chap and he played games with me, disappearing as soon as I loomed over the hutch with the intention of scooping him up. When I took a few steps back (carefully avoiding the rain-sodden dog faeces on the lawn disguised cunningly amongst fallen conkers) he would re-emerge from his bedding area. This went on for some time whilst I got soaked in the rain, increasingly mindful of the time slipping away, their appointment with fear approaching and the local school-run-scrum clogging up the roads, competing for tarmac against the Tuesday visit from the dustbin lorry. Eventually, I won and it wasn't long before I had arrived at the vets victoriously having fought off the traffic which seemed to be coming from all directions. I felt like I had just run naked across a battlefield but at least we had got there.

I contacted the surgery at 4pm and said 'I'm just phoning to see how our rabbits are following their castration?'. I'm really not sure what sort of response I had anticipated or whether had put either one of them on the phone, they would have been as cheery about it all as the receptionist.

Imagine this for a moment: you can't stand your next door neighbour, in fact, the very sight of him causes you to see red and any meeting - however accidental - ends in a punch-up and one of you getting a bloody nose. He's not the sort to be reasoned with. He never says a word to you but wouldn't hesitate to urinate in your direction given the opportunity. Now then, someone has come up with a solution. You're going to be castrated. Next, the perpetrator of this deed phones up the surgery to ask how you are. What would you say?

So I've had a bad day and the perfect end to it is the discovery that Holby's not on tonight and it's my favourite programme. Still, it could be a lot worse. Our next door neighbours are very pleasant.


pierre l said...

I am sorry to read that you have had a difficult day. I hope that your problems, that you don't want to bore us with, do get resolved in a good way. I am a bit worried to keep reading about hospital appointments, but don't want to pry. Many hugs.

Kathryn's Daily Writing Workout said...

Hi Pierre

Please don't worry, things aren't so bad, really. I've just found out I've got rheumatoid arthritis but there are much worse things you can have, especially if you're a rabbit!

The rest of it is down to the challenges of motherhood and moving house. I hope I don't sound too miserable!

Today, my husband has the day off work and we're actually planning to go out somewhere for a nice walk and a lunch. the day will begin with a trip to the solicitors and picking up my son from Eastbourne (that's another story) but the bit in the middle should be lovely.

I hope you have a good day too!

pierre l said...

Hello Kathryn. You didn't sound miserable, you sounded like someone who had worries. I hope the walk and the nice lunch went well.