Thursday, 12 February 2009

First Posting for Comic Relief!

100 WORDS FOR CHERYL - I hope you like it! (they were free, those last ones)

Having dropped her bicycle, she raced over, wiping the grey city rain off the car window with her uniform cape. Before the clear patch could disappear again, she peered in. The figure inside, surrounded by ash, butts and crisp packets was unmoved by her camera-like gaze taking in the scene or the knock-knock of her fob watch. She tried to part the curtains of gloom hanging weightily on the inside with a strange but familiar sense of reluctance and intensity. She knew what to do. She would arrive on the ward again already having done a day's work.


Sarah Charsley: said...

Wow, I didn't realise you'd written it so do you do it? I'd need at least a couple of weeks. Bravo yet again for another strong and vivid piece of writing where you even manage to bring the dead characters to life. There are a few estate agents I know who i'd like to end up with egg on their faces!

Good luck with the rest of your challenges, I will enjoy reading them xxx

Kathryn's Daily Writing Workout said...

Thank you for your very kind words, Sarah. x

cheryl63 said...

Thanks for your writing!
I have to say I didn't understand it though :( sorry!