Monday, 4 May 2009


I'm beginning to wonder what it is about gardening and the pleasure of it that drives us to see it as a worthwhile pastime. Aside from growing vegetables for obvious reasons, and the need to present our homes in a pleasant context, I suspect that there is something else happening.

Yesterday, I decided to throw away all the plastic containers, most of which were left by Mrs G (to whom I owe an apology as I inadvertently added on an extra 10 years to her age yesterday) and I have taken a disliking to. That's the container's, not Mrs G, in case she reads this which I'm sure she won't.

Anyway, I am going get rid of anything that is plastic or ugly as I see no point in displaying beautiful plants in hideous pots. I will then take pleasure in arranging the pots around the garden. Yesterday, I spent a while finding the perfect spot for an old sink in which I was planting some salad plants, parsley and thyme (photo to follow later on). I decided on a vacant patch of concrete up against one of the greenhouses; hardly glamorous but it seemed important to have it placed correctly. So, the positioning and presentation of plants, even in an almost agricultural context, is key to my satisfaction in having been 'gardening'. Curious.

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jem said...

I've got myself a cup of tea and I fancied a visit to your blog. I've connected with so much of what you've said in our little group (now it sounds like a cult!) and wanted to check our your virtual home. And I'm enjoying the photos of your real home too.

I loved what you said in the previous post about getting to know your garden. We had that with ours, 6 years on it's still surprising us. I love the stone mushroom thing (?) in the top photo. We got some last year, new granite ones, but they keep falling over.