Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A Home from Home

A small caterpillar has taken up residence in our bedroom. Found grazing amongst the cabbages, he was rescued from death row by the children. They made him a new home and plan to keep him until he has made his cocoon. I like the artistic way that the mini flowerpot has been arranged amongst the blossom and chive flowers don't you?

I don't think he's got a name yet. I will keep you informed of his progress. I think he's having a bit of a rest at the moment. Lucky him. Just wait 'til they get home from school.

1 comment:

cheryl63 said...

LOL- oh yes the keeping of catapillers - you need to know this will lead to further "garden" pets - snails,spiders,woodlice to name but a few - I think at last count we had 6 Alf made homes set amongest our russian vine - almost like a Pest Penthouse!
Very unattractive as most are various plastic pots with holey lids!