Thursday, 1 January 2009

A Fishy Tale

Christmas has been largely uneventful here so I've nothing particularly interesting to tell you. Except that I caught some salmon the other day. Almost as bad as a joke from a cracker, I admit, seeing as what actually happened was that the food in the fridge was stacked so badly that I when I opened the fridge door, a large packet of smoked salmon (it was THIS big) leapt off the shelf and I managed to catch it before it fell into the dog's mouth. So I really did catch some salmon. But what was more amusing was how I came to have so many leftovers in the fridge in the first place.

We'd been around to my mother's for lunch on Christmas day. Due to various illnesses and a reduced attendance at the dinner table there were more leftovers than usual. The next day, she rang and left a message to say that we should stop off at her house some time to collect some food and that it would be in the fridge for us. We had to pop out to the DIY store and went via her house on the way back. We took her at her word and helped ourselves to the food in her fridge, all conveniently stored in a plastic box. She'd even left a bottle of wine, some cider and mince pies as well as the sausages and turkey. How kind she was. Whilst we were there, we thought that we would be doing her a favour if we took some cheese off her hands too. We left her house fully laden with goodies and looking forward to a repeat of the previous day's feast. What we didn't know that there had been a second message to say that she was going out and that she would actually drop the bag of food off at our house. And there it was in the front porch.

'We was robbed' said my aunt who was staying with my mother for Christmas. They say that there's nothing worse than being left with turkey leftovers for days and days. Apparently there is; having it all stolen. They did see the funny side of it although the disappearance of the mince pies caused the most distress. They weren't just any mince pies ......

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cheryl63 said...

Excellent! A great Christmas story which I am sure will become a yearly tale in your home!

A Happy,healthy and peaceful New Year to you all