Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Good Life

I have plans today. My stiff little fingers permitting (wasn't that a band in the eighties?), in addition to the usual Sunday dinner, the children and I are going to make some soup with celeriac from the garden plus some flapjacks and blueberry muffins using supermarket ingredients. I thought that this level of domestic activity was quite impressive until I had an email from a good friend in which she told me that they were doing things with a brace of pheasants and a brace of ducks. She even used the word 'bucolic' and I was a little worried about them until I looked it up in the dictionary (not the medical one, I might add) and all of a sudden, I felt a bit inadequate. We won't have corpses or blood and guts all over the kitchen, feathers flying or entrails sliding into a bucket; just a shower of flour and maybe the odd berry bursting underfoot. At least, if all goes to plan ......

Happy Sunday!

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