Sunday, 3 February 2008

Launch Party for Your Messages

I’ve never been to a book launch party before or had anything of mine published and so I had no idea what to expect on Thursday. I needn’t have worried although I was absolutely terrified beforehand, especially as I was first up to read! One of the best things about taking part in the Your Messages project was the feeling of writing within a community; in the short time I have been writing, I have realised that it can be a lonely occupation (actually I quite like this bit sometimes!). Meeting the other contributors was an absolute pleasure. The wine, in particular, was a pleasure for my husband who came with me for moral support. For me, it felt a bit like my wedding day as I wished afterwards that I could replay the whole thing slowly enough to savour each moment. It is an enormous privilege to have been part of this project and I hope the Your Messages book raises loads of money for Kids Company.


Cathy said...

You read beautifully, the nerves didn't show. It was an amazing experience, wasn't it?

Thanks for the message you left on my blog yesterday, that is very useful info.

Would you mind if I 'borrowed' the image of the book from yur sidebar to put on my blog too?


trying to write ... said...

It was so nice to meet you ... you did wonderful and you were quite brave being the first one up!! xoxo

Kathryn said...

Cathy - go ahead and 'borrow' the image - I 'borrowed' it from someone else! I really couldn't recommend the course I'm doing at Sussex enough. If you can get down to Brighton, I'm sure it would be worthwhile.

Gina - what are you doing on the internet when you should be on holiday?!

To both of you - thank you for the kind words about my reading. I think that if I was lucky enough to do it again, I wouldn't feel quite so sick!


Kathryn said...

Gina - just shows how dizzy I've been since last week. I've just realised that of course you're back in Texas. I hope you had a good journey back and enjoyed the sights of London whilst you were here.

Cathy said...

Thanks :)

Yes I've just been reading about your course, it does sound really good. London to Brighton on a Saturday should be far is the course venue from the station, would it take me ages to do the last bit?!


SarahC said...

Kathryn, Hi it's Sarah from uni. Ooops, I didn't even ask before I 'borrowed' the image for my blog. Hope u don't mind??
Please could you let me know how you set it up on your blog so that when you click on the words Your Messages it takes you to the amazon page, and the same with Kids company. I can't work out how to do it and it's driving me bonkers! (I sent you a long-winded email about this to your normal email address!)

Thanks, or if anyone else could clear this up for me that would be grand. Sarah C x

Kathryn said...

Hi Sarah! I haven't received an email from you so now I'm a bit worried because I can't receive them from Claudia. I wonder how many other people think I'm ignoring them?

Anyway, to create a link this is what you do...When you create a new post (before you hit the publish button), highlight the text you want to link, click on the weird icon above to the right of the 'T' thing to 'Create Link' and a box will pop up. All you do is type in the url and hey presto! It took me a while to work this out but it's really quite easy and now I want to link everything I possibly can. Good luck!

Kathryn said...

Oh, and about borrowing the image, don't worry as I didn't when I borrowed it from someone else ..perhaps I should feel guilty...or not...I don't know

Sarah Charsley said...

Wonderful Thank you very much, I will try it straight away. I haven't done a post yet so maybe that's why I'm having problems. I'll let you know that outcome. Gosh this blogspot thing is exciting, don't know what I'm going to write on it but it sure is fun setting it up!

I used the email address listed for you on the group emails sent around at uni, did it go straight to your junkmail maybe??

THanks again x

Sarah Charsley said...

Hi again. Sorry to be a pain but if you go to my page you will see that I have managed to do a post with a link to your messages, but it hasn't linked it with the your messages below the image. Do you know How i get the one under the picture to link up too? THANK YOU x

Kathryn said...

Sarah - it's funny you should say that because I had the same problem - you can 'Add a page element' if you click on the 'Customize' button of your blog page and you should be able to link there but I couldn't work out how you would do it within a caption. Please let me know if you find the answer!

Sarah Charsley: said...

Ok, thanks, will do.
Liked the bricks and mortar post a lot. x.

Leigh said...

To link to a webpage copy and paste the following:

<a href="ReplaceThisTextWithTheURL">This is the Text That Shows!</a>

Inserting your chosen URL (i.e The Your Messages page on Amazon), and caption.

If you want to link a picture, rather than having any text, just put the image code (e.g. <img src="InsertImageSourceHere"> in place of the caption above.

Hope this helps!