Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Lay your head on my shoulder

Lay your head on my shoulder and we’ll drift downstream and let the waves lap over our bellies and our toes tinkle in the ripples. Let the lily pads bump against our heads as we glide like soft bullets through the water and stroke the frogs gaping at the passing spectacle. Don’t worry about your lack of clothes, the water voles will weave us skirts from the rushes plucked from the banks to cover your modesty and they will be fastened with berries. To lull you to sleep the dragon flies will swirl around our heads and sing soft songs of trees whispering secrets to the grass.

Lay your head on my shoulder and we’ll follow the meandering river smoothly slipping snake-like and we’ll steer our course by thought alone. Let the pond weed tickle your soles as they dangle into the water enticing a trail of minnows to follow in our warm wake. Don’t worry about what they will think, their memories aren’t that good and they’ll keep following until we reach the end of the tide. To keep you warm the sun will throw its beams on your bare skin and turn droplets of water into brilliant jewels and you can give these to your new friends.

Lay your head on my shoulder and as we float lightly along the flow we’ll blow bubbles with reeds and watch them pop on the surface. Let the rainbow you see overhead be captured by a fairy and brought to your chest for you to clutch tightly. Don’t worry that this will be the last rainbow you see, it won’t. The sky will be full of rainbows and ripples hanging there just for you. That’s the sort of place you’re going to.

Lay your head on my shoulder one more time.


cheryl63 said...

I thought this piece of writing was fantastic. It is so lovely - it makes me want to float down that river. It feels soft and floaty like the thing you are describing.It is super.

Kathryn said...

Thank you - just don't ask me what it's about!

Sarah Charsley: said...

Truly marvellous, I'm blown away! x

Cathy said...

Lovely writing, Kathryn.