Saturday, 9 February 2008

She didn't like her routine changed

It was comforting to know that by Monday morning, there would be an out-of-date yoghurt in the fridge. It was something of a mystery because yoghurt consumption in the household had always been high. She wondered whether the good bacteria multiplied at the same rate as the bad bacteria or whether they called a truce on the use-by date. She’d always decided that it wasn’t worth risking an upset stomach over a fifty-two pence yoghurt. She'd also liked to think of the untouched cucumber portion decomposing in the bottom of the vegetable draw. She would pick it up and her index finger would sink into its curling, dissolving ridged skin and softening flesh at the cut edge, examine the stalk end to see if it could be pared down for eating and then put it in the compost bin on the basis that she would have just bought a new one. Buying the cucumber portion every week - knowing full well that in winter time it was unlikely to have been eaten,and would’ve been tasteless as it probably originated from somewhere so far off that it had been harvested a fortnight ago – had been her talisman for good health. Why it was sold as a ‘portion’ and not a ‘half’ she didn’t know but there couldn’t be many people who would eat it in one go. She had supposed that if it was labelled ‘Half a Cucumber’ then someone somewhere would want to see its partner and measure it to make sure that they were indeed precisely two halves of the same cucumber. But being healthy was more than just a matter of semantics.

She was pleased to see that the new occupier did things the same. Even though she’d passed on, she didn’t like her routine being changed.


Sarah Charsley: said...

Hey Kathyrn, great concept - I think this has potential for a longer piece. It reminds me of a film I saw last year, can't think of the title right now.

I'm two days behind as I'm away this weekend without computer - i need to invest in a laptop. I've just popped into an internet cafe to check up on things. Will be blogging again tomorrow hopefully.

Not sorry I had to miss Friday's, well done for coming up with something.

Just an idea...I think with the title at the top you don't necessarily need to include it again in the text. Maybe leave it to the reader to make the connection themselves? Also, it gives you a few more words to play with! Just a thought.

Be back soon x

Kathryn said...

Hey Sarah, I hope you're having a fun time away!

You're right - Friday's was a tough one. In the end though, I did the one posted here and another for the competition although I'm not holding my breath....

I'll try leaving out the prompt from the title to see how it goes. I'm always open to suggestions!

I look forward to reading yours when you get back.